Originally Enzo’s “pocket sword” was going to be much different. I have seen blades that pop out of the handle of the sword in a bunch of movies, TV shows, and other comics; so I wanted to do something more original.

I did a couple sketches where the blade would unfold out of the handle, made up of three or four pieces connected by hinges that would then lock into place when fully extended. A great idea…in theory.

Honestly, the sketches ended up looking goofy, and not practical in the least. If that iteration of the sword had ended up being drawn into the comic, no one would believe that a weapon like that could do any type of damage.

Sometimes it’s just better to go with a simple classic rather than think out side the box in instances like this.

What do you think of Enzo’s pocket sword? How do you think Duglas will fair in a fight against a Stop Watcher? Leave a comment below!